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Royal Rajasthan Public School

Royal Rajasthan Public School is one of the largest non governmental organization working to provide quality education to the children of India. Royal Rajasthan Public School was established in 2010 to provide education to the children. Since then, the organization has grown both in scope and geographical coverage.


News and Event

News & Events

16th July 2014
The first momentous occasion of the school, Investiture ceremony was organized on 16th July 2014. The newly chosen members of the school senate had vested their powers by taking the Oath with the Director, promising to perform their responsibilities in a well manner way and in discipline.
22nd August 2014
The Field trip was organized for the students of classes I and II on 2nd August 2014 in P.M. Park. Students along with their teachers enjoyed it and learn about the nature and its resources.
15th August 2014
68th Independence Day was celebrated in the school. The Flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest Mr. Mohanlal Khinwal, escorted by the Director Mr. Rakesh Vyas. Mesmerizing dance performances were presented by Pre-Primary, Primary and secondary students. Drill presentation, patriotic songs and Hindi & English speeches were also delivered by the head boy and head girl of the school respectively.
30th August 2014
Grand Parents day was celebrated on 30th August 2014 for the Grand Parents of Pre-Primary students. Grandparents enjoyed playing games with their wards. Students of Pre-Primary, Primary & Secondary students entertained them by presenting dance performances.
5th September 2014
Teacher’s day was celebrated in RRPS. Students organized games for the teachers and students v/s teachers cricket matched was played. At the end of the program, students presented cards and titles to the teachers. 27th September 2014 Dandiya celebration was held on R.R.P.S. Students of classes Nur to X took part in it enthusiastically. First, Second prizes were given to Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary students who played continuously best dandiya.
4th October 2014
Inter class Greeting card making competition was organised for classes 1 to 10. From each class 3 best greeting cards were selected. The competition was based on theme “DIWALI”.
5th October 2014
Staff Picnic: All the staff members of R.R.P.S enjoyed at Tirupati Park in Visnagar (Gujarat). It was most enjoyable moment for the R.R.P.S family.
18th October 2014
Rangoli Making Competition was held in RRPS for classes 3rd to 10th. There were two categories for the competition Junior and Senior. Students made beautiful and colourful rangolis. There was also an Rangoli celebration for classes Nursery to 2nd in which teachers and students together made rangolis with lots of fun.
14th November 2014
On Children’s Day special assembly was conducted by the teachers and Picnic was organised for classes Nursery to 10th. In which class-wise 5 groups were divided and went outside for the picnic at different places.
15th November 2014
Inter-class Craft Competition was conducted for classes 1 to 5. In which students did wonderful crafting work by using different materials.
Inter house football competition was held for Classes 6 to 10. In which 1st Match was organised between J.C.B and A.P.J house. A.P.J house won the match. 2nd Match was conducted between C.V.R and S.M.V house. S.M.V house won the match.
22nd November 2014
Fancy Dress Competition was organised for the students of Classes Nursery to 5th. Students took part enthusiastically and re-present them in different characters and gave the messages regarding current problems.
29th November 2014
Educational trip was organised in RRPS. For tour Mewar Zone was selected in which students visited various places like Ranakpur, Khumbhalgarh,Nathdwara, Haldighati and Udaipur. It was a live experience Historical places gave a deep support to increase the knowledge of students. Happiness overwhelmed the hearts of the students.
6th December 2014
Inter-House English Extempore Competition was held in RRPS for classes 6 to 10 & English Story Writing competition was conducted for classes 1 to 5.
13th December 2014
Cooking without fire activity held in RRPS. Students of classes 1 to 5 presented different dishes by using different ingredients. Students exhibited culinary arts.
24th December 2014
Special Assembly was conducted in RRPS on Christmas & Christmas celebration was held in Pre-Primary Classes.
10th January 2014
Inter Class Kite making competition was held in RRPS for classes 4 to 10. Kite flying activity conducted for Classes 1 to 3. Poem Recitation day celebrated in Pre-Primary Classes.
19th January to 24th January 2015
Science week was celebrated in RRPS. During whole week assembly was conducted on the Science related information, inventions & discoveries. Models & Charts were made & displayed by the students.
23rd January 2015
Special assembly was conducted in RRPS on National Reading Day by C.V. Raman house
26th January 2015
Republic Day was celebrated in RRPS in the presence of Chief Guest Mr. Bhavar lal Dave & Chairman Mr. Deepak Pathak. Many students took part in various programs & performed tremendously.
30th January 2015
Special Assembly was conducted on Martyr’s Day by J.C. Bose house.
31st January 2015
PTM cum Science Exhibition was organised in RRPS. Students of classes 4 to 10 presented different models on the exhibition & exhibited their scientific skills.
7th February 2015
Inter-House Collage making competition was held in RRPS. Students of classes 6 to 10 made beautiful collage by sticking various materials on charts and showed their creativity.
14th February 2015
Inter-Class Pot decoration Competition was conducted in RRPS. Students of classes 3 to 10 showed their amazing creativity by decorating the pots.
14th February 2015
Fruit day celebrated in Pre-Primary wing in RRPS. Whole day all the class-room activities were based on fruits. Tiny tots were dressed-up like fruits & gave messages & proved idiom “An apple a day, keep a doctor away” foe healthy living
19th February 2015
Annual Sports Meet opening ceremony held in RRPS. Director Sir officially announced the opening of sports meet. Events like discuss throw, short put, long & high jump, 100 & 200 mts race were organised for secondary grade. Sportsman spirit was shown by the students.
20th February 2015
Second day of the Annual Sports Meet. Events like Relay race, high & long jump, 100 & 200 mts race were organised for Primary grade. Excitement & enthusiasm was shown by the students.
21st February 2015
On the third day of Annual Sports Meet events like :- Musical chair, Spoon & marble race,frog race, 50 mts race, chocolate race were organised for Pre-Primary wing
22nd February 2015
Annual Sports Meet closing ceremony was held in RRPS. Dances were performed by the students to made the day memorable. Prizes were distributed to the winners. Speeches were given by the chairman & Director to encourage the students.

On 15th August Independence Day 2016
RRPS celebrated the Independence day on 15th August 2016 proudly with flag hoisting by Chief Guest Mr. Yogesh Agrawal and Chairman Mr. Deepak Pathak. Mr. Yogesh Agrawal is the Lions Club President and CEO of Shreeji Co-operative Bank at Abu Road, Rajasthan. In the event, under the guidance of the Principal, the students performed on the stage with joy and enthusiam. For more news visit our Facebook page

Interschool Patriotic Singing Competition  Aug 16 2016

Held on 12th Aug 16 by the Brahma kumaris raja yoga centre & spiritual centre at shantivan Abu Road. Roop Singh,Kartikey ,Gyneshwar participated in this competition.We proudly announce that ROOPSINGH stood first among all the schools in
AbuRoad. CONGRATULATIONS!!! KEEP IT UP!!! We also congratulate our Music Teacher Nitesh Sir for bringing our the talent in the children
Rakshabandhan 18th August 2016
The school celebrated Rakshabandhan with spirit and visited local public offices like Abu Road police station and other public places to tie rakhis to officials. A Dance and Music of the festival was held on 17th August Assembly performed by students under the guidance of Dance teacher, Mr. Sagar. Festivals at the school are much more prioritized so to remember the Indian culture in which the students are raised. For more news visit our Facebook page


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There is a hostel and mess facilities for boys with nutritious diet for the best physical and mental development. The hostel campus also houses …

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“Education is not preparation of life but life itself.” Welcome to RRPS- an esteemed institution with an ISO 9001 certification where a child once admitted, …….